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Industrial Forklift JCB Teletruk

JCB Teletruk Forklifts

The new Teletruk is unique in its ability to combine the traditional values of a small working footprint with very high load carrying capacity, along with new ways of improving materials handling in many industrial applications. Also known as the TLT, Teletruk is the world’s most versatile, small, counterbalanced forklift truck and at TC Harrison JCB there is a Teletruk model to suit all industries; TLT25, TLT30, TLT35, TLT30D 4x4 and the TLT 35D 4x4. Download our JCB Teletruk brochure.

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JCB Toughphone Sitemaster V2 Offer

Purchase a JCB Teletruk from TCHJCB and recieve a JCB Toughphone Sitemaster 2* (terms and conditions apply).


Right now we are offering Onsite Teletruk Demonstrations. Book today and see over 2 or 3 days Teletruk in action onsite, its capabilities are endless. Quote TLTDEMO when enquiring.

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About Teletruk

Teletruk Forward Reach

  • Single side loading, saving up to 50% loading space in congested yards.
  • Reaching over obstacles in busy storage yards.
  • Reach into Transit-type vans reducing risk of damage.
  • Reach into ships, ferries and railway carriages from quaysides and platforms.
  • Remove operators from hazards loading conveyors, furnaces, bailers etc., at reach.

Teletruk Versatility

  • Change between a variety of 3000 plus industrial attachments in minutes.
  • Change from forklift to small loading shovel by fitting a GP shovel - 2 in 1.
  • 111 degrees of carriage rotation for tupping carriage mounted GP shovels - no extra hydraulics required.
  • 2 and 4 wheel drive to cope with the most difficult surfaces.
  • Negative lift as standard for reaching below ground level.

Teletruk Safety

  • Excellent visibility of fork tips during loading when fully retracted, also when working inside containers. No mast improves forward visibility which is second to none.
  • Particularly beneficial when loading in fully retracted and lowered position. Slimline boom for maximum fork tip visibility.
  • Cab enclosure is much more robust than on any forklift with a mast. ROPS and FOPS operator enclosure.
  • There are none of the safety concerns associated with masted forklifts if lift chains fail. Hose burst check valves as standard.
  • Load moment indicator senses machine stability during load lift.

Teletruk Innovation

  • Changezee - Change from shovel to forks in 20 seconds without leaving the cab.
  • JCB introduced four-wheel drive to industrial counterbalanced fork lift trucks, giving opportunities beyond the capability of ordinary masted machines.
  • High-lift - Increased maximum lift height to 5150mm.
  • High-lift - Maximum forward reach up to 3300mm.
  • Telescopic boom provides the unique ability to load and offload at reach with a compact industrial counterbalanced forklift.

Teletruk Cost of Ownership

  • Teletruk can reduce the customer's machine fleet holding
  • One teletruk can sometimes do the work of one, two or three machines on site.
  • Teletruk's foward reach eliminates the need for expensive and often heavy 'scissor type' load extenders required by ordinary master fork lifts.
  • Single side loading saves time, space and money.
  • Teletruk telescopic boom design eliminates expensive safety checks to lift chains and rollers on ordinary forklifts and the expense of replacing these regular wear-parts particularly when loading abrasive materials, i.e sand, cement and aggregates.

The JCB Teletruk - not just another forklift.