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JCB 1.25Qe Powerpack


JCB 1.25Qe Powerpack

JCB’s pioneering power packs are the first in a range of energy storage solutions with zero emissions, less noise and no compromise on performance to provide power wherever and whenever you need it.

Power Rating: 8kW

Power Output: Single Phase

Power Capacity: 23kWhr 

Portable Power with Zero Emissions

  • Zero emissions of CO2, Nox and Particulates.
  • Solar inputs for clean recharging.
  • Works indoors and underground.

Low Noise Powerpack

  • No noise in use.
  • Suitable for noise-sensitive applications.
  • Can provide power overnight.

Efficient Portable Generator

Reduce costs.

  • 95% efficient inverter technology.
  • High-density automotive-grade Li-ion batteries.
  • Solar panel connectivity.
  • Automatic starting and stopping of generators for maximum efficiency.

Stackable Powerpack

No compromise.

  • Less space is required on site.
  • Stackable up to 3 units high for minimal storage.
  • 1m2 footprint for easy, economical transportation.

JCB E-Tech Engineered Power

Built to last.

  • 100% all-steel enclosure for maximum protection.
  • 4 lifting points.
  • 4 tie-down points.
  • Fork pockets on every side.


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Model 1.25Qe
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