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JCB 60-140 KVA Generator


JCB 60-140 KVA Generator

The JCB 4-Cylinder Dieselmax engine powers world-class performance for the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal engine to fit our QS generators.

At the heart of this range, JCB’s 4-cylinder Dieselmax engine provides the power, delivering low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise to deliver superior performance, even in the harshest environments. A range of world-class components have also been fitted as standard to support the engine.

Why choose a JCB QS Generator?

The optional Deep Sea Electronics 4520 control panel includes a transfer switch for smooth changeover between mains and generator power in the event of mains failure – Giving you total control in the most challenging of situations. The JCB Dieselmax ranges are phosphate dipped with a 9stg powder paint finish for excellent corrosion and UV resistance.

JCB’s heavy duty components and robust canopy, ensures quality and longevity from your product; all steel construction with no plastic components. All of the QS range is fitted with features to cater for challenging environments, such as alternator protection, and a three-stage fuel filtration system and optional self-cleaning air filtration system to protect the engine from poor fuel quality and has a high capacity to capture debris and water. The compact canopy has gone through a precise design process to be as robust and practical as possible in order to minimise logistics costs for dealers and customers and withstand the most rugged environments.

JCB Range of Diesel Generators

  • Large access doors with positively retained sound proofing ensure a well-built canopy.
  • Internal fill point for improved security with easy access to neck.
  • Fuel level indicator is incorporated into the fuel tank for an easy visual.
  • The fuel tank can also be drawn out of the base by 30cm to allow access to a service panel to clean the tank without removing any connections.
  • The hinge design prevents dust ingress but allows the doors to be removed when open to enhance service access.

Power of a JCB Generator

JCB has partnered with the world’s leading component suppliers to develop a product which delivers world class performance in the most demanding applications for complete peace of mind. Minimum of 75% and up to 100% single load acceptance on certain models to cope with the most severe applications and demands.

The Mecc Alte alternators fitted to the QS range have an Ingression Protection (IP) rating of 23 to maximise performance in humid or dusty conditions. The DSE Control panel gives a full suite of engine monitoring, warning and protection parameters to diagnose the engines performance at all times.


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